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Radwood Norcal - June 2018

Today was a rad day. I got up a bit early and washed my 1991 Miata for the first time in a year. I figured that the previous owner never washed it, so why should I? But today was going to be special - it was going to be Radwood kind of special. 

Radwood is a 1980s/1990s car show where people dress in period correct clothing and bring period correct accessories. Cars had cassette tapes on display, boom boxes on engine blocks, and their owners were sporting only the most awesome acid wash jean shorts and neon head bands. 

If there is a complaint to be had about this edition of Radwood it's that there were just two food trucks and a line for toilets. Lines are not rad, gents! It was also a bit hard to hear the 80s / 90s beats so maybe some remote speakers would be bitchin' next time - not to have more volume but rather more ambiance. 

I met some fantastic people and saw some fantastic cars. I shot entirely on a period correct Polaroid One Step instant camera. Yes, they still make film. Yes, it costs a small fortune. The photos you see below represent about $80 in film. Uploading them isn't straight forward since they also have to be scanned. I bought some sweet vinyl backing for an unrelated project and it makes for some colorful backgrounds when scanning! Enjoy the photos!

Nick Allain