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Fantastic Driving Roads

It's no secret that some of the best driving roads in the United States are in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. I'll try to keep this post updated with some of my favorites. 

Alahambra Valley Road to Bear Creek Road

This is a great little route. Total time is about a half hour to 45 minutes so it's good for a quick shakedown. This route starts inside of Tilden State Park on Wildcat Canyon Road. While that road can be fun, it's heavy with car and bicycle traffic during the day and heavy with deer at night. The pavement on Bear Creek Road is quite broken so it's not pleasant with a heavily lowered car.

Pinehurst Road to Redwood Road

I just love this as a Sunday drive. The smells of the redwood groves along Redwood Road are fantastic and the pavement is fairly smooth. There is lots of great back and forth but don't overdrive it as some of the corners are decreasing radius and very tight. There are occasional cyclists here.

Panoramic Highway to Stinson Beach (and HWY 1 north of SF)

This is a nice drive during the spring, late fall, and winter. Unfortunately, it sucks during tourist season. No one will use a turnout so you can forget doing the speed limit. Tourists white knuckling their RVs will build up lines of 50 cars behind them while they pass by turnout after turnout and repeated signs saying "Slower Traffic Use Turnout". Off season, however, this is a great route. Optionally, you can continue north on HWY 1 and the views are as good as the road.

La Honda Road to Alice's Diner

This is one of the best roads that you will drive in your life but be advised, taking your supercar here will leave you with a heap of trouble. The last time I was here, I passed 4 different CHP officers patrolling this stretch. Drive this in a Miata where you can have fun enjoying the tail-of-the-dragon-esque back and forth without breaking the speed limits.

Nick Allain