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Ghostwriting (April 2018)

Sample: The amount of innovation and investment around NewSpace has not been exaggerated: 120 venture firms invested $3.9 billion in the industry during 2017 alone. More than 295 nanosatellites were manifested in that same stretch and live streams of launches reached every corner of the internet. Nanosatellites are no longer considered toys; real science and real decisions are being made with data collected by CubeSats.

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Room (The Space Journal) Contributor Article

Sample: To understand how the world of satellites has changed, you have to start in 1998. The first Blackberry, an awkwardly shaped monochome taco, was still a year away but our global obsession with technology was blooming. The tech industry was gearing up for the third generation of Pentium processor and 56k modems were beginning to take the Internet into households around the world.

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LinkedIn Ghostwriting

Sample: There's something that Martha Stewart, Florian Bellanger, and Duff Goldman know that you don't. Baking a cupcake isn't about where you get the flour, what kind of frosting you put on top, or who you serve them to. It's about nailing the ratios. Flour and sugar make up the structure and sugar and fat provide the enjoyment. Those magic ratios are about as open source as Linux but if you get them wrong, you might as well start again.

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