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UK Office Design

The Glasgow office design was very special. It was the first opportunity to stretch our legs from a physical branding standpoint. With the CEO and two other founders relocating there, it was going to be a true home for the company - not just a remote office. The office at Skypark 5 was gutted and a new open plan design was put together that emphasized both collaboration and functionality. 

The kitchen was put up front greet visitors with a little taste of San Francisco startup. The idea to have a mini cafe came from one of our colleagues and to this day remains an incredible sight to those new to the office. The mural depicts a lighthouse providing a guiding light with a storm on the horizon and a loitering cargo ship. Elements of weather and shipping were included to tie in our products. The lighthouse itself is a mirror image of Nubble Light in Maine - a location special to my childhood family vacations.

We've always wanted customers to have a very in-touch experience with the company's data. As such, it's an incredibly textural (but functional) office. Butchers block runs around the 3 outside walls, a signature map with plane routes frosts the glass around the open plan, granite lines the kitchen counters, a river stone wall connects the office to local nature, and the kitchen bar uses wood that was recycled from a local grade-school gymnasium.  

Special attention was paid to the paint colors in the conference rooms (which alternate between standing and sitting rooms). Color has a surprising psychological effect on people. The conference rooms at the front, where more business meetings take place, have accent walls that promote a sense of dignity and respect while the rooms towards the back use colors that stimulate creativity and problem solving.